As errors are found or reported by readers, we will collect them here.
They will then be corrected in later printings.

Thanks for input. You can send error reports to [email protected].

Here are corrected versions (in Visio) of diagrams for which errors have been reported. The textual errors are listed below.

Where Description Reported by Printing Corrected
p184, Fig 7.10 (Notice that the Cargo Repository is answering a query with a count,
rather than a collection of instances.) The reference to count in
Fig 7.10 is not on the diagram and sequence numbers are missing.
p73 & 79 references to “Fowler (2002)” should read “Fowler (2003)”. ACSE, 10/04/2004 5th
p149, 150, 153, 156, 159, 234, and 509 references to “Fowler (2002)” should read “Fowler (2003)”. J Shaw, 8/02/2007 11th
p xii, TOC entry for ‘Declarative Design’ should not be in all-caps, since
it is not a pattern section.
Eric Evans 4th
p55, Figure 3.3 – Parent class should be called ‘Abstract Net’ (not just Net) 4th
p72, Figure 4.1 – Both references to ‘a456’ should be changed to ‘a234’ Eryk Vershen, 10/1/2003 4th
p103 “pragmatic designers have come to use one element…” should read
“pragmatic designers have come to use one other element…”.
[Eric Evans, 2/2/2004] 4th
p122 second to last paragraph, final period is missing. 4th
p166 4th paragraph “Ordinarily, as the model is being refined to support the design
better, is should also…” The “is” after the comma should be “it”.
Jason Citron, 6/18/04 4th
p274, bottom of the page “(Container)aContainer.getFeatures()…”
should read “(Container)candidate.getFeatures()…”
Silicon Valley Patterns,
p284 the attribution should go to Aristotle, not Socrates. Silicon
Valley Patterns, 1/13/04
p288, Fig 10.20 In Loan and Share Pie, methods are now using Money
objects instead of doubles. But the code and the text don’t reflect this
p288, Fig 10.20 In Loan, methods are shown as still using Maps
even though the shift has been made to Share Pie instead (in both the
code and the Share Pie diagram)
p420, Bold section mid-page “Flag the elements of the CORE DOMAIN”
should read “Flag each element of the CORE DOMAIN”.
p454, Fig 16.5 “byCustomer(tracking id)” should read “byCustomer(String)” Dave Smith, 2/4/04 4th
p466-468,472-473, Fig 16.15,16.17,16.19,16.21,16.22. Throughout Knowledge Level example, several of the inheritance arrows should be associations, not subtypes. Silicon Valley Patterns, 2/3/04 4th
p470/471 The paragraph “The KNOWLEDGE LEVEL provides two useful
distinctions …. and can communicate the specific intent of the designer.”
is repeated. The first occurrance (in the middle of page 470) should be


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