DDD Sample App


Cargo freighter passing under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Image courtesy of FreeFoto.com.

This project is a joint effort by Eric Evans of Domain Language and Swedish software consulting company Citerus.

It is a fully functioning application which demonstrates a practical implementation of the building block patterns using a conventional Java technology stack. The functionality is based on the cargo example used in Eric Evans’ book

The team hopes that, beyond concretely demonstrating DDD in a conventional system, the example can become a platform for experimentation with new technology and innovative approaches.

The application is available, as of December 2010, as .NET port.

Watch video
Paul Rayner is currently porting the Sample App to Ruby. Eric Evans spoke with Paul and Patrik Fredriksson, one of the App’s original authors, about the evolution and the future of the App at DDD Summit 2013. Watch video.




Time And Money

TimeAndMoney is an open source development project with a goal of demonstrating supple design while providing some useful code to the community. Although it is not currently active, it is still useful as a library of value objects based on a model of two important generic subdomains.

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