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Effective Aggregate Design Part III – DDD Denver Meetup

In this conclusion to his series on Effective Aggregate Design, Vaughn discusses the discovery process: how to recognize when a …

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Modeling with a Purpose, and Coexisting Models in Bounded Contexts (14 minutes)

In this 14 minute video, Eric Evans explains the purpose of modeling in Domain-Driven Design, why we have coexisting models …

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Effective Aggregate Design by Vaughn Vernon

Aggregates are one of the more challenging aspects of tactical modeling. Developers often end up with large clusters of objects …

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Applying Domain Driven Design And Patterns By Jimmy Nilsson

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson

While Eric’s book is the definitive treatment of DDD, this book by Jimmy Nilsson takes a fresh approach to this …

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Greg Young at NDC2010 “7 Reasons DDD Projects #FAIL”

Many people try applying Domain Driven Design and fail miserably. This presentation looks at seven top reasons for failure and …

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Best-kept Secret in DDD Community: DDD Immersion

Paul Rayner interviews Eric Evans about public DDD Immersion Classes. They discuss the contents, philosophy, the origins of the class …

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2Ava Dan Hayword Copy

“An Introduction to Domain Driven Design” by Dan Haywood

In this article, published on, Dan Haywood introduces DDD principles and patterns. A good read if you are just …

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Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book – introduction

This is the introductory part of the talk Eric Evans gave at a meeting of DDD-NYC group. Since the talk …

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Things I Learned

Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book

In this talk, first presented at QCon London 2009, Eric Evans describes what he’d learned about DDD since the book …

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Glossary of Domain-Driven Design Terms

Excerpted from [[Domain-Driven Design Book]] [[Aggregate]] A cluster of associated objects that are treated as a unit for the purpose …

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