Julie Lerman: Entity Framework in Core Business Applications and Domain-Driven Design Approaches

From MSDN Channel 9
Julie Lerman

Demo-ware is great for getting your head around a new topic but we’ve been seeing Entity Framework demo-ware for five years now. You’re probably not writing an application to manage your music collection or composing yet another Twitter client. You need to build complex applications related to the Core-Domain in the enterprise and therefore you need to know how to integrate Entity Framework in serious and decoupled architectures. In this session we look at breaking up your domain models following the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Bounded-Context pattern, splitting and defining entities and aggregates properly in the different domain models, and implementing repositories and units of work that are relevant to EF DbContext and DbSets, in the data persistence infrastructure layer. We also cover how to build automated tests around code that involves Entity Framework, whether they be integration tests or strictly unit tests where Entity Framework seems to get in the way.

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