• Best-kept Secret in DDD Community: DDD Immersion

    Paul Rayner interviews Eric Evans about public DDD Immersion Classes. They discuss the contents, philosophy, the origins of the class and Paul’s own experience of attending it in NYC. You can also read a series of his blog posts about the class. Paul is a Denver-based …

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  • 2Ava Dan Hayword Copy

    “An Introduction to Domain Driven Design” by Dan Haywood

    In this article, published on methodsandtools.com, Dan Haywood introduces DDD principles and patterns. A good read if you are just starting out with DDD. Read the article Dan Haywood is a UK-based freelance consultant specializing in enterprise application development using domain driven design approaches and …

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  • Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book – introduction

    This is the introductory part of the talk Eric Evans gave at a meeting of DDD-NYC group. Since the talk builds on what Eric wrote in the book, he felt it would be useful to remind the audience of what the book said. Watch this …

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  • Things I Learned

    Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book

    In this talk, first presented at QCon London 2009, Eric Evans describes what he’d learned about DDD since the book was published. The talk was recorded at the May meeting of DDD-NYC SIG. Because the talk goes over what has changed since the book, it …

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  • Glossary of Domain-Driven Design Terms

    Excerpted from [[Domain-Driven Design Book]] [[Aggregate]] A cluster of associated objects that are treated as a unit for the purpose of data changes. External references are restricted to one member of the AGGREGATE, designated as the root. A set of consistency rules applies within the …

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