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  • Domain Driven Design Using Naked Objects By Dan Haywood

    Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects by Dan Haywood

    Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects by Dan Haywood Publisher: Pragmatic Programmers, LLC, The, 2009 – 375 pages Google books search link Domain-driven design (DDD) focuses on what matters in enterprise applications: the core business domain. But applying the DDD principles can be easier said than done. Enter …

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  • REST and DDD: Jim Webber at DDDx 2011

    Jim Webber, co-author of REST in Practice explains how HTTP, ATOM and other Web technologies can provide a platform for rich business applications, including event-driven systems, as an alternative to middleware. View the video here.

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  • RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design

    Vaughn Vernon at QCon SF 2010 advocates using DDD’s strategic design patterns when integrating services in a RESTful SOA implementation, avoiding one of SOA’s pitfalls: focusing on services rather than the domain. He shows how Context Mapping allows us to use SOA and DDD together, …

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  • Applying Domain Driven Design And Patterns By Jimmy Nilsson

    Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson

    While Eric’s book is the definitive treatment of DDD, this book by Jimmy Nilsson takes a fresh approach to this difficult topic. Pragmatic and full of examples, this book digs into the nitty-gritty of applying DDD. Examples are in C# and and discussion is .Net-focused …

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  • Cqrs

    Clarified CQRS by Udi Dahan

    A great article by Udi Dahan, The Software Simplist, explaining what CQRS is and how it connects to other architectural patterns. Udi addresses some misconceptions about CQRS and clarifies the subject in this blog article.  

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