DDD Open Enrollment Classes Offered in New York City

For the first time, Domain Language is offering DDD open enrollment classes in the United States – and with a 50% off discount! These classes have been very successful in Europe over the last few years and often sold out.

Two classes are offered:

  • DDD Overview: this one-day class introduces the basic definitions and concepts of domain-driven design. It is open to developers, technical leaders, managers and non-technical business experts
  • The DDD Hands-on Immersion teaches development team members how to apply DDD on their projects. We use proven hands-on activities that hone skills in brainstorming models, making models clearer and more rigorous, and expressing them in code. Developers, analysts, project managers, and, importantly, the business domain experts who deal with a DDD team can all participate fully.

For class schedules and to sign up, see our Events page – or go to http://www.domainlanguage.com/training/.

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