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A very conceptual representation of a "Bubble Context" and its relationship to legacy.

Escaping Legacy while Avoiding Strategic Traps

Sep 03, 2009 Eric Evans discusses the need for strategic thinking and how early design decisions have major impact on …

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Things I Learned

Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book

In this talk, first presented at QCon London 2009, Eric Evans describes what he’d learned about DDD since the book …

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IAnticorruption – A Domain-Driven Design Approach To More Robust Integration

For the last two years, Custom House software development team has been making a major push to apply DDD on …

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Architectural Improvement by use of Strategic Level Domain-Driven Design

by Einar Landre, Statoil ASAHarald Wesenberg, Statoil ASAHarald Ronneberg, Statoil ASA [Read (pdf)] Abstract In this paper we present the …

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Using Domain-Driven Design to Evaluate Commercial Off-The-Shelf software

by Einar Landre, Statoil ASA Harald Wesenberg, Statoil ASA Harald Ronneberg, Statoil ASA [Read (pdf)] Abstract Purchasing a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) …

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