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Применение DDD и шаблонов проектирования: проблемно-ориентированное проектирование приложений с примерами на C# и .NET, Джимми Нильссон

Книга о разработке корпоративных программных приложений в среде .NET с применением шаблонов проектирования. В ней описаны: как строится четкая и …

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Our policy on commercial events

This is a non-commercial site, but commercial events are an important part of the community’s activity. Therefore, we have established …

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Archived links

Greg Young’s presentation “Unshackle your Domain” available on InfoQ Eric’s interview with .NET Rocks on DDD Jimmy Nilsson’s interview with …

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DDD Netherlands User Group Announced

The Dutch DDD User Group has just been organized by Allard Buijze and Jettro Coenradie of JTeam. Its first meeting …

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Design Patterns

Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software By Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides (The Gang of …

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Bounded Context

Definition: The delimited applicability of a particular model. BOUNDING CONTEXTS gives team members a clear and shared understanding of what …

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Janitor of Software Engineering

In the Soviet Union, when it was around, one could frequently see this sign: “Чисто не там, где убирают, а …

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"What I've learned about DDD since the book": a talk by Eric Evans

Abstract: In the 5 years since the book was published, I’ve practiced DDD on various client projects, and I’ve continued …

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Some thoughts on BDD

DDD-NYC group just had a meeting on BDD+DDD. After watching a pre-recorded introduction by Dan North and Liz Keogh (which …

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