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Chapters 1 & 2

Silicon Valley Patterns Group 18-Nov-2003 Domain Driven Design (Evans), I. Notes by Jeff Miller This meeting revisits the final published …

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The challenge of executing DDD

Kickoff question: Luke Hohmann, Luke Hohmann Consulting On the one hand we tell people to put their complex business logic …

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Software Is (Not) Like That

by Eric Evans February 4, 2004 We can’t quite think about a completely new thing, so we make analogies to …

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Domain-Driven / Model-Driven

by Eric Evans February 4, 2004 What is the difference between domain-driven design and model-driven design? Because the names are …

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Local Groups

List of local groups world-wide New York DDD Meetup (DDD-NYC) Meets every 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:30. Denver, …

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Public Class "DDD Hands-on Immersion"

Enrollment is now open for the 4-day class, “DDD Hands-on Immersion”, at these locations and times: London September 30-Oct 3 …

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