DDD Exchange 2011

DDD Exchange 2011

Our 3rd annual DDD Exchange, a one-day conference in London dedicated to DDD, was a big success.

This year’s theme was ‘DDD In a New Technical Landscape’. In the last few years, several exciting technological trends have
(Eric Evans wrote about this in a recent newsletter.)

There is a wide range of these trends. To move the conversation along, DDD Exchange had two talks along these lines:


  • Jim Webber on REST and DDD
  • Patrik Fredriksson on DDD in a functional programming language

Other talks:
Highlighted Speakers:

  • Greg Young on more conceptual tests
  • Udi Dahan on decomposing a system with bounded contexts
  • Matthew Wall followed up on the DDD project at the Guardian UK Online
  • Eric Evans on ways to shift toward DDD when you have a lot of legacy.


The attendance is capped at 140 (due to the size of the room). This makes for an intimate feeling, and the chance for everyone to interact with the speakers and each other.

There was wide participation in the Park Bench. The discussion was nicely facilitated by Zi Makki for the third year in a row. This has become almost a tradition of the event, he does such a fine job.

The event was hosted by Skills Matter


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