CDIC Is Looking For DDD Practitioners in Ottawa, Canada

Small but mighty group of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) practitioners in Ottawa seeks similarly-inclined individuals to join our expedition.
Do you:
– Abhor technical debt?
– Reject BIG up-front design?
– Get TDD?
– Consider end-users to be among your greatest allies in crafting software?
Can you:
– Deal with complexity?
– Be Agile++?
– Deal with the possibility that all of your assumptions are completely incorrect?
– Reach down into the abyss and pull out your sense of humour in the direst of moments?
Are you:
– Humble?
– Often wrong?
– Stoked by the desire to be less wrong?
Will you:
– Vow to give equal weight to design and process, with an emphasis on the former?
– Dazzle us with your OO mastery?
– Work for industry average pay?
If so, then fortune has smiled upon you. Join our group as we make our way through the rich and rewarding landscape of DDD under the indispensable mentorship of Domain Language, the consultancy founded by Eric Evans, the author of Domain-Driven Design.
Code drones and ivory tower dwellers need not apply.
Please contact Steph at sswierenga3 at

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