Domain-Driven Design: Putting the Model to Work

Effective software teams take a torrent of information and knowledge
about their subject matter (the domain) and distill it into a stream of
quality software. Finding and exploiting domain models is a key to
success in projects with complex domains.

Aimed at senior developers, architects and managers, this talk will
outline the foundations of domain-driven design: How models are chosen
and evaluated; How multiple models coexist; How the patterns help avoid
the common pitfalls, such as overly interconnected models; How
developers and domain experts together in a DDD team engage in deeper
exploration of their problem domain and make that understanding
tangible as a practical software design.

This talk will be in English.

Eric will be in Paris from the 15th of Feb teaching his acclaimed “Eric Evans Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion” course.

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