Rebuilding With DDD

Presented by Phil Wills on Jul 22, 2009 at QCon






Phil Wills tells the story of the rebuilding of the platform of the using the principles of DDD. This online newspaper (3 time winner of the ‘Best Newspaper’ Webby) has 29 million unique users and hundreds of millions of impressions per month, with over million articles including audio and video content.

Phil describes

  • The evolution of the domain model
  • How DDD encouraged domain experts to greater involvement
  • How the team maintained a deep malleable domain model while meeting deadlines
  • How they wrestled with keeping their changing domain model aligned with a relational database.
  • Their extensive use of off-the-shelf infrastructure
  • Their use of strategic design to minimize investment in generic software and focus on their core domain.

Find out why it is so cool to have an RSS feed for articles about Chess & Boxing!

(This presentation was also made at DDD Exchange 2009)

Watch video of the presentation

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