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Domain-Driven Design: Putting the Model to Work

Effective software teams take a torrent of information and knowledge about their subject matter (the domain) and distill it into …

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First Meeting of DDD Group in London Announced

Gojko Adzic has been kind enough to volunteer to present a talk entitled “DDD and relational databases: the value object …

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Eric Evans' talk "What I learned about DDD since the book" from QCon 2009 is published on InfoQ

This is the original talk Eric Evans gave during QCon London 2009. He later gave an expanded version of this …

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Presentation “Rebuilding With DDD” by Phil Wills published on InfoQ

This presentation explores how the platform driving the, (3 time winner of the ‘Best Newspaper’ Webby), site was almost …

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DDD Open Enrollment Classes Offered in New York City

For the first time, Domain Language is offering DDD open enrollment classes in the United States – and with a …

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DDD-es Group Announced

DDD-es is a recently announced Google Group formed by José Manuel Beas with the goal of discussing and learning about …

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DDD Exchange. A one-day conference dedicated to DDD

1-day, 1-track event and hear from thought leaders in software design, Domain Driven Design, and domain modeling… Expect to get …

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DDD Sample Application: Version 1.1.0 Released

We are happy to announce that a new version of DDD Sample Application is released. [read full story on Yahoo! …

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Peter Bell: DSM+DDD

After a recent presentation at the Domain-Driven Design SIG in New York, we interviewed Peter Bell about Domain specific Modeling …

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