• Labatt2

    New Case Study! Just-in-time Co-development of Business Process and Software

    by Tony Canty, CIO, Labatt Food Services January 2012 [Read] Abstract Texas-based Labatt Food Services (10th largest food distribution service in the US at $1 billion sales) had a problem. Every fall, hundreds of schools would start to stock their cafeterias, making large, unpredictable orders …

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  • Learning About DDD

    Here we are beginning to collect materials that are of use to people coming up to speed on the established DDD principles. You may find this Glossary of DDD Terms helpful, as well as the Pattern Summaries.

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  • Grapes

    Effective Aggregate Design by Vaughn Vernon

    Aggregates are one of the more challenging aspects of tactical modeling. Developers often end up with large clusters of objects that do not give good performance and scalability. In this three-part series, Vaughn Vernon walks through some common design pitfalls, discusses the pros and cons …

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  • LEgacy

    Four Strategies for Dealing with Legacy Systems

    Presentation by Eric Evans at the DDD-NYC meetup in August 2011, recorded and edited by Alex Hung. We say that effectively applying the tactical techniques of domain-driven design (DDD) requires a clean, bounded context. This can be a daunting requirement when your work is dominated …

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  • 20110525 Ddd Summit Attendees

    DDD Summit 2011

    Attendees (Left to right): Paul Rayner, Randy Stafford, Eric Evans, Udi Dahan, Alberto Brandolini, Greg Young, Jimmy Nilsson, Niclas Hedhman, Vaughn Vernon. Down in front (and our photographer) Martin Fowler. We Held a DDD Summit by Eric Evans (from the Domain Language Newsletter) In May …

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