• RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design

    Vaughn Vernon at QCon SF 2010 advocates using DDD’s strategic design patterns when integrating services in a RESTful SOA implementation, avoiding one of SOA’s pitfalls: focusing on services rather than the domain. He shows how Context Mapping allows us to use SOA and DDD together, …

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  • DDD eXchange 2010

    The second annual DDD eXchange in London is done. Wow! It turned out even better than last year. The idea had been to make this a real conference, where experts convened to confer on the issues and questions of the moment in DDD. And that …

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  • Greg Young at NDC2010 “7 Reasons DDD Projects #FAIL”

    Many people try applying Domain Driven Design and fail miserably. This presentation looks at seven top reasons for failure and discusses how to avoid them. Watch presentation Greg Young is an independent consultant who lives in two suitcases (literally).

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  • Eric Evans: Folding Design into an Agile Process

    This talk was originally presented by Eric Evans at QCon London 2010. The recording is made during a meetup of DDD-NYC SIG in May of 2010. Abstract After a decade of heavy process, the Agile revolution of the late ’90s threw off the dead hand …

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  • Best-kept Secret in DDD Community: DDD Immersion

    Paul Rayner interviews Eric Evans about public DDD Immersion Classes. They discuss the contents, philosophy, the origins of the class and Paul’s own experience of attending it in NYC. You can also read a series of his blog posts about the class. Paul is a Denver-based …

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