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New Case Study! Just-in-time Co-development of Business Process and Software

by Tony Canty, CIO, Labatt Food Services January 2012 [Read] Abstract Texas-based Labatt Food Services (10th largest food distribution service …

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Learning About DDD

Here we are beginning to collect materials that are of use to people coming up to speed on the established …

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Effective Aggregate Design by Vaughn Vernon

Aggregates are one of the more challenging aspects of tactical modeling. Developers often end up with large clusters of objects …

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Four Strategies for Dealing with Legacy Systems

Presentation by Eric Evans at the DDD-NYC meetup in August 2011, recorded and edited by Alex Hung. We say that …

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20110525 Ddd Summit Attendees

DDD Summit 2011

Attendees (Left to right): Paul Rayner, Randy Stafford, Eric Evans, Udi Dahan, Alberto Brandolini, Greg Young, Jimmy Nilsson, Niclas Hedhman, …

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RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design

Vaughn Vernon at QCon SF 2010 advocates using DDD’s strategic design patterns when integrating services in a RESTful SOA implementation, …

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DDD eXchange 2010

The second annual DDD eXchange in London is done. Wow! It turned out even better than last year. The idea …

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Greg Young at NDC2010 “7 Reasons DDD Projects #FAIL”

Many people try applying Domain Driven Design and fail miserably. This presentation looks at seven top reasons for failure and …

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Eric Evans: Folding Design into an Agile Process

This talk was originally presented by Eric Evans at QCon London 2010. The recording is made during a meetup of …

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Best-kept Secret in DDD Community: DDD Immersion

Paul Rayner interviews Eric Evans about public DDD Immersion Classes. They discuss the contents, philosophy, the origins of the class …

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