Video Coverage of OOPSLA 2007, Montreal

OOPSLA 2007 Montreal


Watch Interview with Rebecca Wirfs-BrockRebecca Wirfs-Brock is one of those people who did DDD long before it was called that. She kindly agreed to be interviewed by Vladimir Gitlevich on behalf of In this interview, Rebecca talks about DDD in relation with responsibility-driven design and OO modeling, integration of DDD with technical frameworks such as Hibernate. She also gives advice on telling design stories and explaining domain models.
Watch interviewMarkus Völter works as an independent consultant and coach for software technology and engineering. He focuses on software architecture, middleware as well as model-driven software development. Markus is the author of several magazine articles, patterns and books and is a regular speaker at conferences world wide. He is also the founder and editor of Software Engineering Radio. In this interview Markus speaks with Vladimir Gitlevich about domain-specific languages, MDSD and gives us his take on how they fit with DDD. Watch interview here.

Practitioner Reports

Watch presentationSo We Thought We Knew Money

by Ying Hu and Sam Peng

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Watch presentationIAnticorruption-A Domain-Driven Design Approach to More Robust Integration

by Sam Peng and Ying Hu

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Watch presentationAgile Enterprise Software Development Using Domain-Driven Design and Test First

by Einar Landre, Harald Wesenberg and Jørn Ølmheim

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BoF: Birds of a Feather

This BoF session was one of the highlights of the DDD activities of the conference. A number of related topics, such as domain-specific languages and behavior-driven development, were discussed, along with some core DDD themes such as ubiquitous language and strategic design.

We recorded the session, however in the interest of a more compact presentation (the session lasted for nearly two hours) instead of the full video we decided to publish the transcript supplemented with a few clips featuring Eric Evans, Martin Fowler and Dan North – just to breathe a little life into the text.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Vladimir Gitlevich

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Video clip: Eric Evans Video clip: Martin Fowler Video clip: Dan North


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